Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My New Ride

... I wish! -Ha!

Inside the limo a co-worker/friend and I are trying to emit ultimate coolness, stylin' & profilin'.
I tried to edit the photo a bit by cartooning the pic since I didn't have permission prior to publishing her photo.

VW strikes again!
If you've been following the blog then you'd know VW's always up to something neat. This time she held a Wedding Expo. She put alot of work into it and as always, she did a great job.
(This is where the Limo came in.. for the Expo)
We had FUN!

Between work and home, April has been a busy month. I did manage to get a one-week vacation from work (my second week in 3 yrs!) and it was nice. For one whole week I refused to set the alarm clock, follow a schedule or make any decisions & commitments. Livin' life was e-a-s-y for that one week and I have fond memories but I'm reminded why I don't take time off from work: the week before and TWO weeks after is simply too painful. It's easier and less stressful to not take a vacation. And, WOW that is so very wrong.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not a Seamstress

Nor am I a quilter ...but I do enjoy sewing.

I've had sniplets of this Wizard of Oz fabric for awhile and about 3 mos ago I got the notion to sew.
I pieced all the fabric together and added the sheet of polyfil in the center.

For the backing I used one big sheet of fabric.
I also made pillowcases for the pillow inserts that I already had.
The neck pillow, I used red shoe laces to tie at the ends.

The blanket turned out to be twin size.
A perfect size for a coverlet when I'm sitting in my recliner watching some TV.

But it seems I can never just watch TV.
This is when I make jewelry or color rubber stamped images or
cut out magazine images to collage *grin*

As my sister and I like to say, "Busy hands are happy hands!"
Mine surely must be ecstatic!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Collaged Treasure Box


I purchased an unfinished wood box: 12"x 9"x 5"
Cut out images from magazines that I liked and
ModPodged them onto the box.


I painted the trim black after I had adhered the images. Then added several coats of varnish to get that wonderful shine.

Side & Back View

I added the feet (they did not come with or on the wooden box) which were purchased at
A Small Cleverness at last months
Rubber Stamp Club meeting.

Side View

After making this box and the Cuff Bracelet (below blog entry) I think I'm through cutting magazine images.
-Nah, probably not!-

Like I said.. I was inspired!

And Inside The Collaged Treasure Box:

A place to keep my Tarina Tarantino jewelry!

Inspired to Collage

This was an unfinished wooden cuff purchased at Hobby Lobby.
I cut out pictures I liked from various magazines...

Using matte Mod Podge (isnt that stuff fantastic!) and adhered all the images to the cuff.
Then applied several coats of varnish and walla...
a one-of-a-kind bracelet cuff.
Note: Even the inside is completely covered w/images.

I was (am) inspired by Kim, a member of our rubber stamp club at
A Small Cleverness

She does great art using lots of various collages.
I enjoy doing collage and seeing her art inspired me to make some of my own.

Thanks, Kim!

It's The little Things..

Picked up this little wooden doll 'keychain' at World Market and turned it into a long necklace.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Easy to Make Accessory

A decorated headband made with scrap ribbon:

I wrapped the headband with ribbon, tacking the ends of the band w/needle and thread. Then I tact'd the ribbon rose to the headband where I wanted it and then added gobs of fabric glue directly under the rose and onto the band. (Even if the glue dries 'clear' you don't want any of it to show) I used clothes pins to hold it in place, overnight while drying. This morning I had a brand new hair accessory to wear to work.

The Ribbon Rose looks large in the photo but is actually in good proportion with the headband.

The ribbon rose was made by following the instructions HERE. Scroll down at the link and click on the "Fancy Ribbon Rose" instructions.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Down The Trail And Back Again

Memory Lane can be a beaten path or a merry trail, either way I'm finding myself there.

This is a mansion where I recall quietly skipping through the halls with my sisters back in the 1960's while my mother was with the Realtor taking a tour of the
'House For Sale'.

Of course the tour was a farce as we couldn't afford such luxury, but Mom was determined to see the inside. She dressed us in our Sunday best so we could hopefully pass for rich status.

I took this photo summer 2009

History 101:
"The Leon Cheek Residence may be one of the most elaborate residential structures in the historic district. Leon Cheek was the owner of downtown's massive Cheek-Neal Coffee Company, now known as the Maxwell House Coffee. The remnants of Mr. Cheek's private dock still stand across the street from the 1929 structure."

Mom grew up on this side of town, and I'm sure she passed by this house many times while she was a child. I wonder if she had her own private memories and dreams of this fantastic mansion.

Did she have any idea that she'd hand down memories and dreams to us children? Even as a child I could sense, no.. I knew this was a GRAND place. A place of dreams. -And I had many.

I even had a nightmare or two about the basement. For all the beauty of the house, the basement was the opposite. It was ugly, dark, damp and frightening.

Wow! What a fantastic GRAND home! A place that little girls dream of and ladies find mystery of what it would be like to be the lady of the house? To call it 'HOME'.

Surely, the homeowners of this mansion cannot be of ordinary folk?
Can they possibly not realize what they have because its something obtainable for them?
Materially speaking, wonder what folks that can own such a place like this dream of? What could be grander?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Updated: Paper Curtains

They look much better with the edge punch:

I decided to go ahead and edge the paper curtains using a Martha Stewart edge punch. At first, I thought I had ruined them. I began the first punch not considering the handmade paper is a different texture and thickness than regular paper or even card stock.

Whew! -But it turned out satisfactory, methinks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Paper Mache' Dress Form

I bought this on a clearance rack with no preconceived idea for it. I got the idea from a book and off it went..

First, I cut a heart shape completely out of the breast portion. Then I covered the whole form with patterned paper using ModPodge.

This is the front of the dress form:

Then I reattached the heart shape using the ribbons to tie it on. Untie one side and here's what the inside looks like:

The inside heart shape I covered with gold leafing.
(Turn ceiling fans off when using this stuff!)
The inside of the dress form I covered using the same patterned paper.
The ribbon roses on and in the form I made myself from step-by-step instructions at the Ofray ribbon website. Then added a bird nest and some foliage.

Not to be neglected, the back of the dress form displays photos of much loved ones whose photos hang from tags.

Top photo: My precious mom-in-law when she was 16 yrs old.
Middle photo: My special Grandmother
(Ola Ruth, whom I did a doll house in memory of and posted photos in past blog entries)
Bottom photo: My dearly missed mom

Also, hanging is a little bird house covered w/patterned paper and a little glass bottle of f aux bird seed (which is wee little seed beads)

This was another
FUN project that turned out to be something that I'm rather fond of.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Veggie Cat

(Photo taken in January 2009)

This is.. "Teeter"
Her official 'vet' name is "T.T."
For either: Tater-Tot or Teeter-Totter
Or even: "Teeter boDeet" when she's on her high horse

(Photo taken February 17, 2010)

The snapshot is a bit blurred but if ya look closely
you can see a stir-fry green bean hanging from her mouth
that she had 'just that moment' snagged from my plate.
I saw her being sneaky and knew exactly
what she was up to so I grabbed the cell phone camera.

Teeter loves her veggies! (or should I say "my veggies")
But lettuce is her favorite.
When I am preparing a salad she sits at my feet and begs for lettuce.

(Photo taken February 17, 2010)

She likes to take stolen loot to 'the rug' where she can keep an eye out for me
and if she see's me coming she'll take off with it again.
It sometimes is a chase through the house.

"Teeter, eat your veggies and grow up strong!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010


to last October (2009) when meeting
Tarina Tarantino
at Edge City in Five Points.

She is just as pretty if not more-so in person.
Very kind, down to earth and FUN!

For those who don't know, Tarina is a famous jewelry designer
and will soon be releasing her new make-up line.
(She even has her own Barbie!)
If you haven't seen her jewelry visit the link on my list and have a look-see.
Keep in mind that the photos do NOT do her jewelry justice. -Not at'all.
I keep tabs online when she releases a new line
and am always re-amazed when I see the pieces in person.

I visited Edge City yesterday and came home with goodies! This bracelet:
along with a new pair of earrings, necklace, ring and hair barrette! :P

The Most Beautiful Thing..

...in my yard during the winter:
"A Japanese Magnolia tree!"
(Photo taken yesterday, 02/13/10)

I stood next to it, looked up and snapped the picture.
During the summer it produces leaves, and only leaves. (And they aren't even 'attractive' leaves) As soon as it starts to become winter it sheds every leaf. Then in the coldest part of winter it puts on a grand show and blooms these big beautiful white & pinkish magnolias
and they cover the tree. If you'll notice there's still not a leaf on it.

The tree is probably 10 yrs old at the least, and it's been moved twice before finding its home spot. It's a sturdy slow growing tree, not much to look at in the summer when flowers are blooming and other trees are full & green but in the winter ..it steals the show.

Friday, February 12, 2010

They're Here: Paper Curtains.. oh my!

For your viewing pleasure.. or amusement :P

Have a look-see at some paper curtains!

This is two *uncut* rolls of Handmade Paper gift wrap. I purchased these rolls at World Market (approx. $3 per roll) A wonderful thing about Handmade Paper is its texture & thickness.

I prefer a small curtain on my kitchen window (over the sink) which provides some privacy as well as filter for the sun and still allows me to enjoy looking out the window when I'm working in the kitchen.

I love Nesting Dolls! And have a small collection of them.

I folded over the top about a quarter-inch for extra sturdiness then used my Crop-a-Dile hole puncher and punched holes (did not measure anything, simply eye-balled it) then put eyelets on the holes for a finishing touch. Put raffia through the holes & tied a knot and slid a curtain rod through it. Then I steam pressed it so it would hang how I wanted it. Considering it being a roll of gift wrap it kept wanting to curl and roll up on it's own. The thickness or heaviness of the Handmade Paper made it possible to steam iron it and kind'a mold it the way I wanted it without harming the paper.

What I would like to do next is decorative edge punch all across the bottom edge. But we'll see...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doll House Covered w/Patterned Paper

This dollhouse is actually a puzzle that I bought at Michaels Arts & Crafts store last year (2009). Very easy assembly. The age level is 6+.

I painted all the trim & edges of the house. Then I covered the whole house inside & out with beautiful patterned paper (aka scrapbook paper). Then I assembled it.
I hung paper tags from the roof trim with words that represent a happy home.
(An yes, all those letters/words on those tags are rubber stamped)

The house evolved into a loving memory of my Grandmother Ola Ruth. I had no idea when I bought the puzzle (under $5 w/coupon) what exactly I would do with it.
My favorite rubber stamp store, A Small Cleverness carried these beautiful patterned papers (or called scrapbook paper) and instantly the idea hit me.
The papers have a vintage style-look and my Grandmother dressed up just to walk to the corner store. She was a real Fashionista of her era and a true 'proper' lady.

The paper doll w/her name on it is a freestanding tag that I layered w/cardboard & paper to make extremely thick and durable.
-What's a house without a doll to roam from room to room?

All three sides are covered with different papers.
This was such a fun project with a pleasing outcome that I bought another puzzle before they were sold out of a different style house. I haven't finished that one yet.
-So little time. *sigh*

Doll House Cont..

Inside view of the dollhouse. Notice even the ceilings are covered.
The table tops, even the faux chair cushions are paper.
The 'scattered rugs' are paper tags.

Inside view corner of the bedroom. The vanity mirror is a photocopy re-sized picture of my Grandmother Ola Ruth. The picture was taken sometime in the 40's.
Notice the ruby red rhinestones on the furniture. The rhinestones are on all the furniture throughout the house.

Full inside view of the dollhouse.
Plus, a freestanding 'paper doll' tag with my Grandmothers name.

Handmade Greeting Cards

"Charley Harper Inspired"
Made from various paper punches.
The shape were trimmed or cut accordingly.
Envelopes are rubber stamped.
(Can't neglect the envelopes!)

Rubber stamped cards.
Yup, even the blue jeans pocket is a rubber stamped image.
The Levi's label is cut from a hang tag from a new pair of jeans.
(click on photos for an close up view)

Paper Jewelry? -Yup..

"Christmas Bracelet"

"Blue Lady bracelet & earrings"

This jewelry is made from rubber stamped images onto heavy duty card stock. Colored w/colored pencils.
They are inch squares called "inchies" ..little inch size pieces of art.
(click on photos for a close up)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My ART Room... where THE MAGIC happens!

This photo was taken last May {2009}
The reason I'm just now publishing it to the blog is to show you my ART room.

The 'Lady' on the wall is actually a rubber stamped image that I scanned into the computer and then Posterized {super-enlarged} it.
An yup, I bet your computer has the same option.
No special program needed.

Also, the rubber stamp shelves in the background.. I built myself.
Dont'cha jus' love those power-tools!

Since I've shown you where THE MAGIC happens,
In the near future I'll show you some of the paper ART I've done.
I've even made paper curtains! ..yeah, you read that right!

For now, hope you enjoy looking at the jewelry I've created.

Designing and Making My Own Jewelry

This is a Rose Bracelet. It is a cuff-type style.


These charms are made by me. They are pics I cut from scrapbook papers. Light pink glass flowers and light green leafs adorn the bracelet.

These pic's and the ones following are only a smidgen of my jewelry design collection.
*Hope you enjoy looking at them*

More, More, More ...

This necklace is l-o-n-g.
And yes, the wee lil purse actually opens!
This one is one of my fav's!

This necklace is made with Glass Flowers.

More, More, More...

Religious Icon Jewelry

These wear like collars around the neck.

More Jewelry..

Been busy and on'a roll with designing and making jewelry.
Seems I go through spells of:

Can't get e'nuff
E'nuff is e'nuff, alright-already!