Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Veggie Cat

(Photo taken in January 2009)

This is.. "Teeter"
Her official 'vet' name is "T.T."
For either: Tater-Tot or Teeter-Totter
Or even: "Teeter boDeet" when she's on her high horse

(Photo taken February 17, 2010)

The snapshot is a bit blurred but if ya look closely
you can see a stir-fry green bean hanging from her mouth
that she had 'just that moment' snagged from my plate.
I saw her being sneaky and knew exactly
what she was up to so I grabbed the cell phone camera.

Teeter loves her veggies! (or should I say "my veggies")
But lettuce is her favorite.
When I am preparing a salad she sits at my feet and begs for lettuce.

(Photo taken February 17, 2010)

She likes to take stolen loot to 'the rug' where she can keep an eye out for me
and if she see's me coming she'll take off with it again.
It sometimes is a chase through the house.

"Teeter, eat your veggies and grow up strong!"

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  1. hahaha...that is hilarious...she is such a little cutie pie...