Friday, February 19, 2010

Paper Mache' Dress Form

I bought this on a clearance rack with no preconceived idea for it. I got the idea from a book and off it went..

First, I cut a heart shape completely out of the breast portion. Then I covered the whole form with patterned paper using ModPodge.

This is the front of the dress form:

Then I reattached the heart shape using the ribbons to tie it on. Untie one side and here's what the inside looks like:

The inside heart shape I covered with gold leafing.
(Turn ceiling fans off when using this stuff!)
The inside of the dress form I covered using the same patterned paper.
The ribbon roses on and in the form I made myself from step-by-step instructions at the Ofray ribbon website. Then added a bird nest and some foliage.

Not to be neglected, the back of the dress form displays photos of much loved ones whose photos hang from tags.

Top photo: My precious mom-in-law when she was 16 yrs old.
Middle photo: My special Grandmother
(Ola Ruth, whom I did a doll house in memory of and posted photos in past blog entries)
Bottom photo: My dearly missed mom

Also, hanging is a little bird house covered w/patterned paper and a little glass bottle of f aux bird seed (which is wee little seed beads)

This was another
FUN project that turned out to be something that I'm rather fond of.


  1. Wow, that's excellent. You maybe a kindred soul to our studio manager, Rena.

    If have time check out her stuff:

  2. This is so beautiful! Love the compartment idea