Thursday, February 25, 2010

Easy to Make Accessory

A decorated headband made with scrap ribbon:

I wrapped the headband with ribbon, tacking the ends of the band w/needle and thread. Then I tact'd the ribbon rose to the headband where I wanted it and then added gobs of fabric glue directly under the rose and onto the band. (Even if the glue dries 'clear' you don't want any of it to show) I used clothes pins to hold it in place, overnight while drying. This morning I had a brand new hair accessory to wear to work.

The Ribbon Rose looks large in the photo but is actually in good proportion with the headband.

The ribbon rose was made by following the instructions HERE. Scroll down at the link and click on the "Fancy Ribbon Rose" instructions.


  1. Hi Wanda, The headband is very nice! Good job! Also thank you for commenting on my blog and letting me know that the little chair I found is made from a can! You are absolutely right! When I took the cushion off the seat, I could see that it was made from a can lid, but I didn't know anything else about it. Thanks for sharing and telling me about the technique of turning cans into chairs - very cool! Corinne