Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Most Beautiful Thing.. my yard during the winter:
"A Japanese Magnolia tree!"
(Photo taken yesterday, 02/13/10)

I stood next to it, looked up and snapped the picture.
During the summer it produces leaves, and only leaves. (And they aren't even 'attractive' leaves) As soon as it starts to become winter it sheds every leaf. Then in the coldest part of winter it puts on a grand show and blooms these big beautiful white & pinkish magnolias
and they cover the tree. If you'll notice there's still not a leaf on it.

The tree is probably 10 yrs old at the least, and it's been moved twice before finding its home spot. It's a sturdy slow growing tree, not much to look at in the summer when flowers are blooming and other trees are full & green but in the winter steals the show.

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  1. I remember when you filled a pretty clear bowl with water and floated these japanese magnolias in the bowl and brought it to me. It was so pretty.