Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not a Seamstress

Nor am I a quilter ...but I do enjoy sewing.

I've had sniplets of this Wizard of Oz fabric for awhile and about 3 mos ago I got the notion to sew.
I pieced all the fabric together and added the sheet of polyfil in the center.

For the backing I used one big sheet of fabric.
I also made pillowcases for the pillow inserts that I already had.
The neck pillow, I used red shoe laces to tie at the ends.

The blanket turned out to be twin size.
A perfect size for a coverlet when I'm sitting in my recliner watching some TV.

But it seems I can never just watch TV.
This is when I make jewelry or color rubber stamped images or
cut out magazine images to collage *grin*

As my sister and I like to say, "Busy hands are happy hands!"
Mine surely must be ecstatic!

1 comment:

  1. heehee...yes it is beautiful and you are quite the seamstress to me...I am having crocheters block again...itching to crochet but have no clue what to make...what a dilemna...keep those fingers busy and they'll stay outta trouble...