Sunday, January 24, 2010

Designing and Making My Own Jewelry

This is a Rose Bracelet. It is a cuff-type style.


These charms are made by me. They are pics I cut from scrapbook papers. Light pink glass flowers and light green leafs adorn the bracelet.

These pic's and the ones following are only a smidgen of my jewelry design collection.
*Hope you enjoy looking at them*


  1. *For anyone who doesn't know this... you can click on any of these images and get a real up close look-see*

  2. The rose bracelet is my is absolutely way too beautimus....

  3. Thanks, Janet. It's one of my favorite bracelets too! It's all put together with links, so it took awhile to make. Still wanna redo the clasp, but cannot find exactly what I want to replace it with. I still wear it. -Figuring I'll stumble across one that I'll like.

  4. Well...I'm sure if you can't find a different clasp it'll be all "my fault." really...allow me to take the blame...I love it!!!!