Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Clock Strikes Twelve..

-And these Halloween pumpkins

Turned into Christmas snowmen!

Walla! Just like that.. VW strikes again!
She did a wonderful job!

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like..


As promised, here are new photos of vw's holiday house. When in the retail business, especially w/art & crafting supplies, we have to be ahead of the seasons & holidays. After all, crafters & artist begin well before the holidays to have their projects complete in time for the holiday.

Some customers will come in and be amazed that we are so far ahead of the seasons. Then we have other customers that wanted/needed Christmas supplies two months ago.

Well, It's November 1st and vw's ready. Look at what she's done with this house:

*Remember, this house was built inside the store around vw's floral desk. Built from recycled cardboard.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's not really all about Lucy ..

..but let's not let her know that! *grin*

Lucy came to me as a gift for my 50th birthday. She was handmade 'crochet' by my beautiful sister. My sister made her in one day! I cannot crochet and have honestly tried very hard to get the hang of it.. I must be all thumbs cuz I cannot learn it. So I admire 'all the more' the beautiful works of art that my sister creates with her Happy Hook. -And her Happy Hook does spread Happiness!

*My precious daughter on the left and part of my absolutely wonderful Sis*

About Lucy, she was an added gift to many gifts my sister gave me.. but she (I named her Lucy) stole the show. Totally sashayed right into the spotlight and she loved being there. (And she's been there ever since) It was absolutely love at first sight between us. I named her Lucy as in, "I Love Lucy!"

But these photos not being all about Lucy, I'll explain:

In the photos, you'll see 'props'. ALL (and I do mean ALL) the crochet'd items in the photos are handmade by my sister given to me as wonderful gifts and tokens of love. They are all very special to me.

In the photos:

-The photo of Lucy eating crochet cake & cookie: the pillows in the background (on the left) was sewn by my sister (note the crochet flower she used as an embellishment) and the pillowcase (on the right) was sewn by me.

-The photo of Lucy monkeying around, the chair is a Thrift Store find. I sanded it and refinished it with crackle paint and hand painted flowers on it.

-Lucy's 'cup of coffee' is crochet'd. In the background hangs a beautiful potholder (one of many) and a 'one of a kind' measured to order crochet Crock Pot cover my sister has made and given to me.

-In Lucy's portrait photo, her flower (above her ear) was hand felted by me. Her crown is a hair barrette, another wonderful Thrift Store find.

So in any future photos of Lucy's Antics, I may or may not point out the hand made goodies in the photos that I'm 'showing off'. So, keep a keen eye and see if you can spot them.

Lucy: Making The Best of A Rainy Day

It's warm and raining outside and looks as if the sun wont come out today.

Lucy wants to cheer herself up so she splurges on a piece of chocolate crochet cake with a oreo crochet cookie on the side:

No calories, and it sure is s-w-e-e-t! Yum!

Lucy got a lil hyper from all that goodness and began monkeying around:

While monkeying... she thought of a great idea!
*It's when she does her best'est thinking on things*

She decided she wanted to bring some sunshine and a smile to all her friends.
She began thinking creatively but felt limited in her abilities.
*She has noticed that her hands are different than mine*

But her feelings didn't stop her and she came up with a great idea:

Instead of making Snow Angels outside,
she made indoor Flower Angels on a bed of beautiful crochet flowers!

*She hopes this brings a smile and a ray of sunshine to everyone!*

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Friend Lucy..

First thing this morning, Lucy insisted on being photographed and included in my blog:

"Ok, Lucy.. now let go'a my leg!"

Lucy's enjoying her morning coffee.. jus' lookee at her cute smile!

*Psst.. Lucy's in LOVE with Paul Frank!*
*She thinks he's HOT!*

We're off to get Lucy dressed for the day.

-Now that she's dressed, like the royal monkey she is,
she's ready for her portrait:

"Smile, Lucy, Smile!"

Lucy believes that diamonds are a girls best friend,
so please don't tell her those are rhinestones!
(It might break her heart if she got to thinkin' she had faux friends)

Stay tuned for more Lucy later.............

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Photos ...

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! My co-worker and friend designed and built this 'house' around her floral desk at work. She did a wonderful job! The house is built from big sheets of cardboard. The sheets are used as dividers on the semi-trucks that deliver our stock. I volunteered to paint all the faux brick and my friend did most of the rest. Her idea is to redecorate it for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'll share photos of the transformations in the future. Oh what fun.. and we get paid to do this!