Sunday, January 24, 2010

My ART Room... where THE MAGIC happens!

This photo was taken last May {2009}
The reason I'm just now publishing it to the blog is to show you my ART room.

The 'Lady' on the wall is actually a rubber stamped image that I scanned into the computer and then Posterized {super-enlarged} it.
An yup, I bet your computer has the same option.
No special program needed.

Also, the rubber stamp shelves in the background.. I built myself.
Dont'cha jus' love those power-tools!

Since I've shown you where THE MAGIC happens,
In the near future I'll show you some of the paper ART I've done.
I've even made paper curtains! ..yeah, you read that right!

For now, hope you enjoy looking at the jewelry I've created.


  1. *For anyone who doesn't know this... you can click on any of these images and get a real up close look-see*

  2. Well aren't you the one? Your photos of everything (jewelry and all) are beautiful. I think your blog looks great. Can't let you put me to I'm over to mine to post photos of my new "updates" in my home...