Friday, March 26, 2010

A Collaged Treasure Box


I purchased an unfinished wood box: 12"x 9"x 5"
Cut out images from magazines that I liked and
ModPodged them onto the box.


I painted the trim black after I had adhered the images. Then added several coats of varnish to get that wonderful shine.

Side & Back View

I added the feet (they did not come with or on the wooden box) which were purchased at
A Small Cleverness at last months
Rubber Stamp Club meeting.

Side View

After making this box and the Cuff Bracelet (below blog entry) I think I'm through cutting magazine images.
-Nah, probably not!-

Like I said.. I was inspired!

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  1. I love this box...and those feet just make it pop...this is absolutely breath taking...