Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doll House Covered w/Patterned Paper

This dollhouse is actually a puzzle that I bought at Michaels Arts & Crafts store last year (2009). Very easy assembly. The age level is 6+.

I painted all the trim & edges of the house. Then I covered the whole house inside & out with beautiful patterned paper (aka scrapbook paper). Then I assembled it.
I hung paper tags from the roof trim with words that represent a happy home.
(An yes, all those letters/words on those tags are rubber stamped)

The house evolved into a loving memory of my Grandmother Ola Ruth. I had no idea when I bought the puzzle (under $5 w/coupon) what exactly I would do with it.
My favorite rubber stamp store, A Small Cleverness carried these beautiful patterned papers (or called scrapbook paper) and instantly the idea hit me.
The papers have a vintage style-look and my Grandmother dressed up just to walk to the corner store. She was a real Fashionista of her era and a true 'proper' lady.

The paper doll w/her name on it is a freestanding tag that I layered w/cardboard & paper to make extremely thick and durable.
-What's a house without a doll to roam from room to room?

All three sides are covered with different papers.
This was such a fun project with a pleasing outcome that I bought another puzzle before they were sold out of a different style house. I haven't finished that one yet.
-So little time. *sigh*


  1. YOU are so amazingly talented. It never ceases to amaze me how you can see things and create a master piece from so little. Your dollhouse puzzle turned out to be priceless as it is not only beautiful but it honors the most amazing woman in my life (besides you of course)...our precious grandmother. And your paper jewelry is beautiful and creative. I mean who would ever dream up an idea like that and then have it turn out so amazing? I treasure mine that you made me in honor of my deceased 18 yr old kitty, Miss Thunder - girl. You are the bestest sister in the whole wide world...not just because of your talents but because of your heart.