Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like..


As promised, here are new photos of vw's holiday house. When in the retail business, especially w/art & crafting supplies, we have to be ahead of the seasons & holidays. After all, crafters & artist begin well before the holidays to have their projects complete in time for the holiday.

Some customers will come in and be amazed that we are so far ahead of the seasons. Then we have other customers that wanted/needed Christmas supplies two months ago.

Well, It's November 1st and vw's ready. Look at what she's done with this house:

*Remember, this house was built inside the store around vw's floral desk. Built from recycled cardboard.

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  1. This is really's cool that vw can take this fall decoration (house) and transform it to a lovely Christmas decoration. It's very nice...I'll have to come in and see it for myself soon...