Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! My co-worker and friend designed and built this 'house' around her floral desk at work. She did a wonderful job! The house is built from big sheets of cardboard. The sheets are used as dividers on the semi-trucks that deliver our stock. I volunteered to paint all the faux brick and my friend did most of the rest. Her idea is to redecorate it for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'll share photos of the transformations in the future. Oh what fun.. and we get paid to do this!


  1. Your blog is glad you joined blogspot...will follow you closely

  2. Well, I got on here, just can't figure out how to connect to you.
    Check out VW's Artworks.

  3. Hi vw.. good to see ya make it. I went to your blog and I like all your photos. I cannot post a comment at your site until you post a message there for me to post a comment on. -Did that make sense? :P